3D CT Reconstruction

I've reconstructed a 3D skull model for animating human jaw movements.
See the MAJA Project .

Skull Dataset

Original data are 78 CT slice images each 512x512 at 65k greyscale.

Filtered data are 78 isosize PBM images, used for contour tracing.

Contour file can be processed with NUAGES a 3D reconstruction package.

CT slice image (75% size)
Saggital scan centered
without top and jaw.
(33k gif image)
Filtered isosize PBM
(75% size)
Same scan as left
(1k gif image)

MAM screen-shots

3D Jaw Mesh consisting of
~13000 triangles
and ~7000 vertices
(10k gif image)
Same Mesh as left
from a different view.
(10k gif image)

I wrote two tools for CT image conversion:

CT2PGM , for filtering and cropping CT images.

PBM2CNT , for contour tracing of B/W bitmap images.

Look again on this page to get more information, sample pictures and programm updates.


Medical Visualization, IFI WWU Muenster.
In association with Poliklinik fuer Zahnaerztliche Prothetik B, WWU Muenster.